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Storm Cloud Cliffs
   Storm Could Cliffs: acrylic/collage on canvas: 32" x 48" May 1994

A quick look through Ken Holder’s canvas paintings will leave you with a new lens of the American West, both Old and New. His work serves as a postmodern reinterpretation of the images that we’ve grown up with that have depicted America’s Western heritage. We know the work of Remington, depicting cowboys, pioneers and natives within the vast landscapes of warm colors, on horseback or various vehicles of antiquity. But, here in Holder’s work, you’ll discover the West stripped of westerners, historic Lewis and Clark Trail paintings without the explorers themselves, as well as the introduction of impressionistic textures into what was once an aesthetic built on only slightly modified realism.

What does this say? How and why do Holder's landscape paintings allow us to see our America anew? If nothing else, you’ll discover two things: that the depicted landscapes, upon which the likes of Lewis and Clark, cowboys and prospectors once tread, have retained their natural beauty in spite of several hundred years of inhabitance by New World settlers; and that, in spite of this unchanging nature, each individual still perceives the West as an idiosyncratic image, distinct and special based on the preconditions of the individual's psyche. But really, even if these were not true, Holder’s works offer fantastic images to simply marvel at and enjoy.

So, please take a look through Ken Holder's online galleries and his biography. Also, consider a trip to the gallery exhibits displaying his work. If you have any questions about his work, purchasing or contracting, please contact him by phone at 309-663-1840 or email at Enjoy these depictions of America's beautiful western landscapes and feel free to contact Ken with any questions.

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